Roll for cattle circulation

IDS 12 / IDS 16
Roll for cattle circulation in the scraped passageways, milking rooms and waiting areas

Comfort and safety
  • Soft non-slip hammered upper side
  • Reduces the risks of falling and the stress of the animal
easy maintenance
  • Compatible with many scrapers
  • High pressure washing
  • Resistant to most cleaning agents
Easy to install
  • Jointless laying
  • Few fixings
  • Installation instructions provided, to be respected
Reliable, economical
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Lowered veterinary costs due to less falls and improved heat detection
  • Textile insert
  • 6,2/6,5 x 60 steel nails

More details

Reference Thickness Max. width Length Weight/m²
IDS12 12 mm 2 m On demand 13,9 kg
IDS16 16 mm 2 m On demand 21,2 kg
Non-binding photographs - Dimensions and weights are indicative - +/- 5% tolerance.