IDS Fix mat

Mat for concrete grating

Comfort and safety
  • Non-slip hammered upper side
  • Prevents cows from falling and enables heat detection
  • Allows better cattle circulation
easy maintenance
  • Slope on the upper profile to improve draining
  • Compatible with scrapers
Easy to install
  • Fixing pegs included with the mat
  • Different sizes available
Reliable, economical
  • Very long lifespan, 5-year warranty
  • Better performance and lower veterinary costs due to falling on concrete
Special for calves *

* Custom dimensions

Qualité Signum Test
Quotation upon request
Non-binding photographs - Dimensions and weights are indicative - +/- 5% tolerance.


Catalog Agriculture : IDS_Agri

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Product sheet : IDS Fix

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Installation Instructions : Notice IDS Fix

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